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Dry Van

We transport products throughout the Midwestern and Eastern portions of the county, to and from some of the world’s largest companies.  

Bag/Bulk Feed

Our combination bag/bulk trailers transport bag and bulk feed from mills directly to feed stores and farms.

Bulk Feed

Our specialized bulk auger trailers transport bean meal, DDGS, and complete feed from mills and processers directly to the farm.

Liquid Tank

Tanker trailers move nonhazardous liquid products through the Midwestern and Eastern portions of the country.  A highly specialized metered tank is available for split deliveries providing the customer with a certified delivery ticket.

Hiel Trucking Inc. has been in the trucking business for over 35 years, specializing in the transportation of grocery products, feed and feed ingredients, and agricultural commodities. Hiel Trucking services the eastern two thirds of the country and, when needed, beyond.  Everyday our trucks move freight to and from some of the world’s largest companies.   Our trucks transport many items you use every day and items used in the production of thousands of such items.  From feeding your pets, to the hamburger you eat, to the siding on your house, to the calendar on your wall, on and on, we move it from here to there.  Many of these items require timely shipments and our outstanding staff consistently delivers on-time.  This service consistently ranks us as many of our customers’ top carrier!  


Dozers, excavators, tractors, combines, farm implements, trucks, you name it we have moved it on our detachable, tri-axle, trailer.   


Hauling grain from local farms and fields has been a service we have provided since we started over 35 years ago.

Dump/ Live Bottom

Our dump trailers and live bottom floor belt trailers provide delivery of all types of bulk products.  We specialize in limestone and gypsum service directly to the farm fields stockpiled for our custom applicators.


Dry custom applicator service is available for limestone, gypsum, and fertilizer spreading.  To coordinate with you soil tests and field maps GPS application is available.

References can be provided.  Please explore this page to find out the many transportation services we offer.